Covid Update

We appreciate your child’s participation in chess club and look forward to when we can again meet in person at school. Until then, we hope to accomplish the following:

  1. Provide chess learning resources you can access and use at home

  2. Provide ideas for chess related activities at home

  3. Provide some form of connection to other students in the club

To work toward these goals, we will do the following:

  1. Update our website with chess learning resources. This will include links to articles, videos, puzzles and other resources

  2. Send at least a monthly e-mail with the following:

    1. Ideas for lessons and puzzles, etc (for different ability groups)

    2. Updates on next steps for the club

    3. Information for on-line tournaments

  3. Organize a monthly on-line tournament

    1. This will likely be done on (“gold” memberships are not required for participation in on-line tournaments.)

At this time, we will not be renewing “gold” level memberships on, ordering t-shirts or having in person activities. Depending on interest and how the COVID situation progresses, we may renew “gold” level memberships in the future. Participation in the above activities is optional and we will not be using our normal chess “ladder” or awarding trophies.

At this time we will not have formal registration or collect any payments.

Please feel free to forward this information to other families interested in joining our mailing list. They can sign up using this link.

We really appreciate your support and look forward to when we can resume our in person meetings at the school.