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Chess Learning Resources

This page is to share ideas and resources for a chess club curriculum. 
Of course, often the best means of teaching chess is to hire a professional chess coach or teacher. As this is not always feasible for the club, here are some ideas of topics to teach your students.
Here are a list of topics that can be included as part of a chess curriculum, especially for those brand new to a more formal study of chess. 
Here are the topics in the order taught by Josh Waitzkin in his Chessmaster software.

1. Welcome to Chess (setting up the board)
2. The Pawn
3. The King
4. The Rook
5. The Bishop
6. The Queen
7. The Knight
8. King and Queen vs. King Endgame
9. King and Rook vs. King Endgame

1. Forks
2. Knight Forks
3. Skewers
4. Pins
5. Removing the Defender
6. Discovered Attacks

1. Introduction
2. Opening Principles
3. Pawn Structure

Once the above basic principles and tactics are understood, there are advanced topics that can continue to be added to the curriculum.
Another important component of learning chess is to practice with puzzles, drills, exercises, etc. Here are links to additional information about each.
Chess Puzzles
Chess Drills
Chess Exercises

Chess Club Calendar